Professional practice policy

Professional practice policy 

Please be aware some solutions and practices advised on our web page are usually of those carried out by industry professionals, however, mild practices can also be carried out at home as part of a safe 'self care' routine depending on your case and results you're looking to achieve.

MENS CLUB do not provide professional practice treatments on patients or encourage you to partake in home self care remedies & solutions. All information provided on our web page are solely to consult, advise, provide accessibility and widen your knowledge on solutions of common issue men may face throughout our adult years. We are also in partnership with industry professionals I.E cosmetics aestheticians, PMU artist, cosmetic dentist and skin clinicians who we can refer you to when seeking professional treatments, help and advise. 

Any home care remedies or treatments you partake in is at your own risk. Under no circumstances will MENS CLUB be held responsible or liable in any way for any claims, complications, damages, losses, costs or liabilities whatsoever.

By continuing to proceed with any advised self home care remedies or solutions advised on our web page, you agree to our professional practice policy.

If you have any questions regarding our professional practice policy please contact us on